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Celebrating Resiliency: Rehema Path to Healing

Rehema lived with her parents and a younger sibling in the remote, poor village of Kigoma. Too poor to support her care and education, her family struggle to provide for her and your younger sibling making her family vulnerable. 

In May 2023, a woman approached Rehema’s home with an offer. She could take Rehema to work as a housemaid in Dar es Salaam, promising a monthly salary of 50,000 Tshs (about $20). Given their dire financial situation, her parents agreed, and the next day, Rehema traveled to Dar es salaam with, Salasala. Once she reached her employer’s home, Rehema faced a harsh reality. Subjected to severe beatings, occasional lockouts, unpaid wages, and deprivation of basic necessities, she found herself in a deeply distressing situation. Unable to take the awful conditions, Rehema sought help from the village chairperson, who intervened and compelled her employer to pay 200,000 Tshs, ($80) equivalent to five months’ salary, less than the agreed-upon 250,000 Tshs ($100). Grateful for the local leader’s support, Rehema was subsequently connected to DMI for further assistance who played a crucial role in providing counseling to support her recover from the trauma. Rehema began vocational and life skills training at Spring of Hope, DMI rehabilitation center for trafficked girls. Now that she is safe, surrounded by support, she can dream about a brighter future for herself. “I consider my life to be fulfilling as I am in the right place, and my optimism for the future is high because I am gaining valuable knowledge. I want to become a renowned tailor on a global scale.” Because of DMI proven trauma-informed interventions and high-level skills training courses, Rehema has an opportunity to support herself, and to lift her family out of dire poverty, impacting future generations.

Impact Story Rehema

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