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A Transformed Life and a Hopeful Future

Lorna from Papua New GuineaIn the rural villages of Papua New Guinea (PNG), where opportunities are scarce and poverty is prevalent, the Women Development program by DMI Global Mission is making a profound impact on the lives of individuals like Lorna Killie. Through the program, Lorna has undergone a life-changing transformation, starting out as a caregiver to her bedridden mother and becoming an empowered woman supporting her family and contributing to her community as a skilled worker.

When DMI’s Sisters reached out to Lorna, she found comfort and a shared understanding. Lorna’s days were spent caring for her mother while depending on her sister’s family for housing, leaving little room for personal growth and financial stability. She found herself longing for a change that would not only enhance her living standards but also provide her with a sense of purpose and independence. Lorna attempted to sew and sell her creations, but faced hurdles along the way.

Thanks to the training program and support of DMI Sisters, Lorna’s life took a positive turn. She secured a stable job that not only helped her provide for her family but also offered her a newfound sense of dignity and purpose. Lorna honed her sewing skills, which eventually led her to become a sewing trainer for the WeCARe! Foundation, an NGO dedicated to women empowerment. Lorna’s job not only allows her to support her family but also empowers other women in her community.

Lorna recalls her initial disbelief when she received the job opportunity. She had not expected such a life-changing turn of events. Lorna takes immense pride in her ability to care for her family, a feat she accomplished through her determination and the opportunities presented by the DMI program. Lorna’s message to others facing similar challenges is one of humility and commitment. She encourages them to embrace the assistance offered by groups like the DMI Sisters and be dedicated to improving their lives and providing for their families.

Living with her sister’s family was a significant challenge for Lorna, but through her perseverance, she found a way to live independently with her bedridden mother. This transformative journey has instilled in Lorna a newfound positivity, commitment, and determination. Her experience with the DMI program has shaped her into a resilient and empowered woman ready to overcome any obstacle that comes her way.

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