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Once a victim of human trafficking, now a successful entreprenuer

When Mwantumu was young, her father left the family. He provided no support or care for them. After completing her secondary education, Mwantumu worked on the family farm to try to help support her family. It was a continuous struggle to make ends meet.

In 2017, a woman promised her a great job in the city. Mwantumu trusted the woman and could not resist the chance to pull her family out of poverty. Unfortunately, they were false promises. Mwantumu was trafficked to Dar es Salaam and forced to work the night shift in a club. In addition to not getting paid as promised, she was told that she needed to do whatever the male customers wanted. She endured assault and sexual abuse for months.

Finally she met another young girl who told her how to escape her situation.. It took great faith and blind trust to follow the lead she was given. Though Mwantumu did not exactly know where she was going,.her friend connected her to a social worker who in turn directed her to Spring of Hope, DMI’s shelter and training center for trafficked girls.

At DMI, Mwantumu received counseling and mentoring, and provided a secure place to live, learn, heal, and grow. The community of Sisters and girls was welcoming.  While at Spring of Hope, she found she had an interest and a particular skill in tailoring. In 2021 she completed her vocational training courses and was offered a good paying, steady, and safe job earning. Her earnings were enough money to open her own small shop preparing and supplying liquid soaps to the local community.

Mwantumu is now self-sufficient and able to support her family. Grateful for a chance to become financially self-sufficient and move forward with her life, Mwantumu is a confident and happy. She is thankful to her mentors and teachers – especially the DMI sisters and staff – for giving her an opportunity to transform her life..

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