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Sr. Vijili Dali
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Sr. Vijili Dali is the Mission Director of DMI Global Mission and also serves as President of its Board of Directors. She is a champion for DMI’s overseas missions in Africa and Oceania ensuring effectiveness and long-term sustainability for multiple social programs. Sr. Viji has been the leader of DMI’s missions for the past 10 years maintaining the highest quality of program development and service delivery as well as fiscal accountability. She holds a post-graduate degree in Business Management from Xavier School of Management.

K.S. Vengatesh
Juba, South Sudan

Vengatesh K S is the Director of Global Programs at DMI Global Mission. He has been with DMI for 5 years with core competencies in strategic planning, capacity development, and system creation. He supports the finance and audit teams in strengthening systems and contributes to communication and resource mobilization activities. Vengat worked in international social services for over 25 years, working with Catholic Relief Services and other NGOs in Africa and India as a leader in mission-driven development work. 


S. Dominic Raj
Chennai, India

S. Dominic Raj is the Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL). He has worked at DMI Global Mission since 2013 designing and leading multi-sector sustainable programs in India and Africa. He supports DMI’s global teams with expertise in project planning, management, and evaluation. With a community-based approach, he ensures the implementation and quality of all programs. Dominic has 25 years of experience building sustainable community programs at institutions such as Child Rights and You and Catholic Relief Services in India.

Katharine Ogonek
New York, USA

Katharine (Kate) Ogonek has volunteered with DMI since 2015 and now leads DMI Global Mission’s fundraising strategy and initiatives in the US as its New York-based Executive Director. Over the past 17 years, she has led development teams and successfully advanced development efforts at a number of regional and international mission-driven organizations.

In addition, Kate is President of the Board of Harmony, Hope and Healing in Chicago. She studied graduate theology at St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN and holds a Master’s Degree in non-profit business from Columbia University. 

Walt Ogonek
Ohio, USA

Walt Ogonek is a volunteer at DMI providing marketing management and support. He has over 20 years of experience in digital marketing working in agencies, private companies, and nonprofits.

Eleanor Cooney
New York, USA

Eleanor Cooney is the U.S. Digital Communications Liaison. She has worked for DMI Global Mission since 2017 on web and content development. She supports DMI’s global teams with digital asset management, branding, and web projects. Eleanor has dedicated herself to working in Communications and Design for social justice and youth-serving Nonprofits for over ten years, and continues as a designer in the worker’s rights space in NYC.

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