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Kibamba, Tanzania.

On Saturday, December 10, 2022, on the Spring of Hope campus, DMI celebrated the graduation of 84 girls – all survivors of human trafficking. They received their skills training certificates in their chosen course of study: cosmetology, computer repairs, tailoring or culinary skills. The year-long program is more than just vocational skills training. It encompasses trauma treatment, and a broad range of skills development. The program enables girls to rest, heal and learn so that they can be self-sufficient. Upon graduation, DMI works with the girls to reacclimate to society where, with self-confidence, they are prepared to work and contribute to their communities. 

Trafficked girls come to DMI year-round and are brought by government officials, partnering agencies and organizations, and concerned citizens. They are usually taken first to the DMI Welcome Center where they can stay up to three months. Here the girls receive initial health screenings and are provided mental and physical health treatment and care. On a quarterly basis, the girls are brought to Spring of Hope to continue their healing and begin their course of study. 

For the day’s festivities, DMI welcomed over 350 guests including government officials, DMI community leaders and dignitaries.  

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